Nijami Brothers

Nizami Bandhu Qawwal (Hindiनिजामी बंधु क़व्वाल, Urduنظامی برادران‎) has a 700-year old rich legacy which they have upheld through centuries of dedication and tireless striving to perfection. They embraced Qawwali, 7 centuries back and since then, have contributed to the growth of this soulful genre of Sufism taking it to greater heights and securing its firm ground in the forum of world music. The Nizami Bandhu hails from the legendary and lustrous Sikandra Gharana which has produced some of the finest gems of Qawwali singers over the ages, best known for their versatility and serenity that have reflected in their songs. The responsibility of carrying the legacy forward is presently being shouldered by Ustad Chand NizamiShadab Faridi Nizami and Sohrab Faridi Nizami. They are also known as the Nizami Brothers Group is exclusively managed by Akshay KR Singh